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How We Work

Our mine in Pakistan is located in a region close to the border with India. The salt we extract using traditional methods is over 200 million years old. From extraction to the UK and Europe is only 12 weeks.

Our products have all of the skill and knowledge of the craftsmen that work at our mine and factory. All of our lamps are handcrafted and we can also make a bespoke design for our larger retail outlets.

We only sell wholesale to retailers and health stores throughout the UK. We offer a growing range of products including Salt Lamps, Salt Licks, Globes, Cooking Slabs, Candle Holders, Nightlights etc.

To apply for your account and receive your information pack please email and once you have an account you will receive access to our wholesale secure site.

Order Updates

If you need an update on an order then please contact our Operations Team by calling us on 0333 733 1264 or via email at

Why buy from Himasal

We guarantee all of our products and we support all of our customers with marketing materials and drop shipping for salt lamps.

The minimum order value is low and we can support you with education and training on our products and the best ways to utilise them.

Call us today and speak to Paul our Wholesale Products Manager on 0333 733 1264.